Special Education In Contemporary Society

Richard M. Gargiulo’s interest in special education began at the young age of 10. This occurred when he first met residents of a local facility serving individuals with mental retardation.

He then went on to teaching young children with exceptionalities at the Milwaukee public school system. After which, he decided to pursue a Ph. D. in the areas of human learning, child development, and behavioral disabilities.

In 1999, he was awarded this University’s President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He has also served as a Fulbright Scholar to the Czech Republic in 1991.

Richard has authored, and co-authored a handful of books ranging in topics from counseling parents of children with disabilities, child abuse, early childhood education, and most recently, special education.

One of his well written books would include ‘SPECIAL EDUCATION IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY’. An ideal book for an in-depth, yet introductionary book for undering exceptionality, he has covered a wide range of topics in this book. Important litigation and legislation, individualized assessment and instruction, and cultural and linguistic diversity are covered, and 10 chapters address various categories of exceptionality, such as learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, gifted individuals, and speech and language disorders. Each chapter provides definitions, historical information, prevalence, causes, educational considerations, and information on current trends and controversies.

Richard also offers us a glimpse into the lives of persons with exceptionalities, their families, and their teachers.

The Second Edition features a new full chapter on ADHD, “Persons with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” reflecting growing prevalence of this disability. Each categorical chapter also features sections on transition, cultural diversity, technology, instructional strategies, and family considerations. The “Making Inclusion Work” feature, prepared by in-service teachers, offers strategies for effective inclusion and appears in most of the categorical chapters.

Although pricey, this book is ideal for parents, students, medical professionals, and educators alike. If you would like to purchase this book online at Amazon.com, click on the following link.

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