Attitude towards reading

Attitude towards reading

Encourage the development of a positive attitude towards reading in your child by :

  • Making reading fun and enjoyable
  • Taking an ‘active’ interest in his/her reading by sharing a book with the child, and talking about what he/she has read.
  • Allowing him to choose his own books and reading materials initially, and later guiding him to explore children’s literature.
  • Promoting a supportive and ‘literature’ environment by having books in your home and reading them yourself.
  • Setting up a reading/library corner for your child.

Shared Book Approach
Through this approach, the adult shares a book and reads with the child in a relaxed and comfortable manner. It is important that the child finds this reading experience meaningful and enjoyable. There is no direct teaching, but is a wholistic approach which has been found to be a successful manner to motivate children to take a greater interest in both reading and writing.


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