Becoming totally involved with your classroom

First and foremost, clarifying the meaning of our role, and our being with the children, is vital for them. When the child is able to see that we are there, totally involved with them, they do not forget. This is definitely right for us, and for the children.

While most of us view children as totally different from the way we are, there are many things that are part of a child’s life that are just as they are part of an adult’s life. For instance, the desire to do something for someone. Most adults like been seen by others, this is just as true for children. When children are being observed, they are happy. It is almost an honour to them. As a good teacher, we must know how to observe, how to absorb from the observation, and how to understand what we have observed.

Children want us to observe the process of their work, and hardly the product. The processes are important, how much effort the child is putting in and doing the work. When we as adults, are able to see the children in the process, it is as is we are opening a window and getting a fresh view of things.

An observation, is not a judgment. When observing, we should assimilate all the many psychological things we’ve learnt. When we judge, things escape us, we do not see things, and thus we are incapable of evaluating in a extensive manner.

During an observation, we shift our role from being a teacher, to being a learner. During this self-learning process, we often notice things about the child which we may not have done so before.

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