Exceptional Learners – Introduction to Special Education

“These are some of the major reasons why we adopted this text – readability, clarity, unity and coherence. To this list, I would like to add relevance. Students state they didn’t understand a concept before, but now they do.”

– Dr. Janice Ferguson, Western Kentucky University

“Over the years the Hallahan and Kaufman text has remained a constant and credible source for our candidates seeking certification. As the legislation is updated, the text has been updated to reflect the changes, issues and trends. Students taking the state certification exams report that review of the text and practice questions before sitting for a state exam actually helped them achieve the desired passing score.”

– Maribeth Montgomery Kasik, Governors State University

“I like the categorical feature of this book. It is clear in its descriptions and has great supplemental materials. It is well written and is easy to read. The chapters are very complete in addressing issues that are associated with each disability.”

– Deborah Childs, University of Saint Louis

“The text is very engaging and interactive in its writing style – a significant factor for preservice teachers new to special education content. It is visually pleasant and inviting.”

– Chris O’Brien, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

“The strength of the text lies in the authors’ care in covering the major concepts of the field simply.”

– Terry E. Spigner, University of Central Oklahoma

“The text’s illustrations provide the reader with contextual information while making the reader’s experience more appealing. The overall physical appearance invites the reader to become a part of the learning experience.”

– Jaques Singleton, University of Memphis

The authors are committed to bringing the most current and credible perspectives to bear on the ever-increasing complexity of educating students with special needs in today’s schools.  With firm beliefs that responsible instruction can help all students to maximize their potential, and they offer practical suggestions for ways in which educators can meet the educational needs of students with special needs and diverse abilities in collaborative environments that include families, other professionals, and the community.

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