Good Reflections

1 – Think about your own areas of experiences. What are they?
2 – Develop in-depth understanding of issues related to diversity. So, what happens?
3 – Have opportunities to develop new knowledge, gather new experiences, and understandings about the issue.

Three levels of Reflections:

  1. Reacting
    Commenting on feeling towards learning experience, stating your comment and/or feelings regarding an event.
  2. Elaborating
    Comparing reactions with other reactions and/or experiences. (e.g.: theory, moral, philosophical position, etc)
  3. Contemplating
    Focusing on constructive personal insights/problems/difficulties. Look at the problem very constructively, going into depth to the nature of the stimulus to reflect.

Principles for good reflections

  • Continous – life-long process (circumstances at job, home, family, etc)
  • Connected – to an issue/s
  • Challenging
  • Contextualized – apply it to current use

What can we reflect on?

  • Values and beliefs that you hold onto
  • Attitude towards diversity
  • Self-knowledge and your ability
  • Your philosophy
  • Professional goals (long and short term)

Ultimately, change must always come from within.


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