Music for Infants and Toddlers


As soon as infants and toddlers are able to sort out musical sounds from other sounds, music will provide a soothing environment to the setting they are in.

How do we, as care-givers of infants and toddlers nurture a disposition for music at such a young age?

  • By chanting to them
  • Imitating the sounds they make
  • Rocking, patting and moving along to beats

Children respond favourably to music that is familiar. Repetition also boosts vocabulary as lyrics are being learnt. Manipulating the lyrics for familiar songs can also help children understand that music is a form of creative expression.

That said, it is essential, that music play should be planned respectfully. Be sensitive to the child’s interests and maintain a healthy balance of active and quiet music and movement times.

Making Music

Infants and toddlers should be encouraged to make their own music by experimenting with their toys (e.g.: rattles, bells, etc…). House-hold instruments can be used too, as long as they are age and developmentally appropriate.


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