Promoting Listening and Speaking skills

In my classroom, I often do my best to stimulate development of listening and speaking skills within my students. Children in my classroom are always treated as conversational partners, I talk with them, and not to them. We listen and respond to each other in two-way communication processes. Children thus feel listened to, and practice in responding to the speech of others; over time, they learn the art of a good conversation.

When in need to pass out directions and instructions, I make sure I am clear and precise. Likewise, the children are expected to communicate their needs and desires orally. I encourage them to do so by expanding, clarifying and re-casting the the child’s limited words.

Picture books are also often incorporated in my classroom, to stimulate oral language among children. Children enjoy looking at the various objects and people in the pictures and learning their names, thus enriching their vocabulary. Once a day, we talk about the pictures, further enhancing their speaking skills.


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