Salamanca Statement: Network for Action on Special Needs Education

The Salamanca Statement says that:

  • every child has a basic right to education
  • every child as unique characteristics, interests, abilities, and learning needs
  • education services should take into account these diverse characteristics and needs
  • those with special needs must have access to regular schools
  • regular schools with an inclusive ethos are the most effective way to combat discriminatory attitudes, create welcoming and inclusive communities, and achieve education for all
  • such schools provide effective education to the majority of children, improve efficiency, and cost-effectiveness

The Salamanca Statement asks governments to:

  • give the highest priority to making education systems inclusive
  • adopt the principle of inclusive education as a matter of law or policy
  • develop demonstration projects
  • encourage exchanges with countries which have experience of inclusion
  • set up ways to plan, monitor and evaluate educational provision for children and adults
  • encourage and make easy the participation of parents and organizations of disabled people
  • invest in early identification and intervention strategies
  • invest in the vocational aspects of inclusive education
  • make sure there are adequate teacher education programmes

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