Science and Young Children

Reflect on your childhood experiences about a science lesson.

  1. What did you learn?
  2. How did you learn?
  3. Who decides on what to learn?
  4. Was the teacher ablt to provide answers to your ‘whys’?
  5. What are your current images, conceptions, and feelings about sciences in general?
  6. Where have your images and knowledge of science come from?
  7. Why have you constructed such attitudes and views?
  8. Why do you relate to science the way you do?


Why should young children be exposed to science?

  • Early exposure leads to better understanding of the science concepts.
  • It influences the eventual development of scientific concepts, and reasons, scientifically.
  • It’s an efficient manner for developing scientific thinking
  • Education for young children in Science is justified in terms of equity. Quest for gathering knowledge should same for the male and female genders.
  • To develop positive attitudes toward science.

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