Separation Anxiety – How to deal with it

Unfortunately, teary and tantrum-filled goodbyes are a common part of a child’s earliest years.

Help the child relate to the staff person (care-giver in your replacement). Accept the child’s feelings and offer comfort. Do not attempt to distract the child too quickly.

At the beginning periods, it is best that you stay with the child and leave together for short periods of time. If you have to leave, do so confidently. Your insecurities, will make the child more anxious. Do not repeatedly ask the child “Can I go now?” It is of course better if the child leaves you first, or asks you to leave.

Allow the child to have a transition object, often referred to as security blanket. Giving the child a special task upon arrival usually helps. Alternatively, you could allow the child to mind something that belongs to you. If possible, stay until the child feels secure.

When at home, read simple stories about separation. Games such as Come and Go, and Hide and Seek might help too.

As parents, be very reliable. Pick up your child on time! Accept your child’s fears, but do not show your child that you are worried. Ensure they do not overhear conversations about her difficulties.

Most children need to feel the same kind of reassurance if the parents (or even parents of a friend) has separated.

Do not become impatient or irritated, as this would worsen the situation. Encourage the child to develop new friendships. If the problem is on-going, it might be best to postpone the separation, if possible.

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