Speaking Skills

Along with listening, speaking skills are essential to effecting communication. Listening and speaking are inter-related and inter-dependent in the communication process.

Speaking skills are highly valued in our modern society. We often admire people who are articulate, people who are capable in expressing their ideas and thoughts with great ease and flair, and people who speak well in private conversations and in the general public. As caregivers of young children, we play a vital role in helping them develop speaking skills at various stages of their development.

Although speaking skills come naturally to toddlers from about 12 to 18 months of age, they are best developed in a conducive environment. An environment in which adults interact meaningfully with children. Where language is used as a means of communication and interaction in the daily life of the child, it serves as a natural spring board to the development of speaking skills.

The language environment is highly influential in determining the quality of a child’s linguistic development. Children who have had varied language experiences and whose parents encourage the development of language skills in meaningful ways have a richer vocabulary and a greater facility with language, in comparison to those living in homes where language heard is very limited in variety and quality.

Adults, should therefore make a conscientious effort to provide ample opportunities for language use in diverse social situations and settings.


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