Voices from the Spectrum

From the Back Cover
Advance Praise for Voices from the Spectrum:

“Voices from the Spectrum is a symphony of rich density… At times easy to read and at times the kind of reading that leaves lumps in the throat and thuds in the heart, [it] is always honest and genuine. I whole-heartedly recommend it.” — Liane Holliday Willey, Ed.D., author of Pretending to be Normal and Asperger Syndrome in the Family

“…a masterful collection of essays…it is uniformly poignant, often brutally honest and always uplifting. … Voices from the Spectrum is the first comprehensive collection of personal experiences that encompasses the tragedy, the mystery and the gifts of autism.” — Lawrence W. Brown, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“…a gem of a book… These carefully edited essays present a rich portrait of families as they come to grips with the vicissitudes of autism. They reflect a kaleidoscope of perspectives, emotions and coping mechanisms that will help readers sort out their path as they come to grips with the challenges of this disorder.” — Milton Seligman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh, Co-author of the forthcoming third edition of Ordinary Families, Special Children

“Cindy Ariel and Robert Naseef have put together a unique collection of first-hand accounts of the autistic spectrum, providing a voice for parents, grandparents, and siblings, as well as people with Asperger’s Syndrome. These voices complement the professional perspective and teach us how autism feels to each of these observers. A rare anthology.” — Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor, Autism Research Centre, Cambridge, UK

“This book gave me the unique experience of seeing ‘behind the scenes’ with a view of the impact on families of the diagnosis, treatment and interactions with treating professionals. I recommend that you put this book on your list of required reading for family, friends, colleagues and trainees to improve care of children and families with autistic spectrum disorder.” — Susan E. Levy, MD, Director, Regional Autism Center The Children’s Seashore House of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“Voices from the Spectrum is a beautiful collection of personal essays. A must read for any parent struggling to accept and embrace the diagnosis. This book gives you a rare and heartfelt glimpse of personal journeys of parents, grandparents, siblings, professionals, and adults affected by autism who have found peace of mind, joy in their life, and tremendous personal growth in the process.” — Nancy D. Wiseman, Founder and President, First Signs, Inc. and author of Could It Be Autism? A Parent’s Guide to the First Signs and Next Steps

The editors are pledging all of the royalties from this volume to UNICEF.

This book is ideal for parents, students, medical professionals, and educators alike. If you would like to purchase this book online at Amazon.com, click on the following link.

Alternatively, if you only require this book for a short period of time (or would like to ‘test-drive’ the book prior to purchase), you may loan it from Little Red Bus at this following link.

Table of Contents

Introduction : learning from autism 12
1 The ride for autism : a community gets in gear to help solve the puzzle 17
2 The tree’s on fire : voicing experience 21
3 Perspectives 25
4 Facing the pain of autism – and surviving 29
5 Happy with my daughter 33
6 Through the looking glass 36
7 My will 40
8 Jenius 45
9 School days 49
10 You never know 53
11 Talk to me, my darling 56
12 Our lives at the edge of the spectrum 60
13 Pulling string 64
14 Still the same boy! 68
15 Stump the cook 73
16 Taking the bag off 78
17 Truth : the parents’ spectrum 82
18 Listening to Macord 87
19 Parallel worlds 92
20 The question 96
21 Simply perfect 99
22 On the wings of Asperger’s 103
23 Learning to embrace the “A” word 107
24 On eating biscuits : life with autism 112
25 Katie’s question 116
26 Barefooted band-aid boy 121
27 Lap time 124
28 An unexpected gift to love 128
29 A grandmother’s story 132
30 Come with me, grandma 136
31 An unexpected blessing 140
32 Growing up with bradley 144
33 Living life 148
34 Their sound has gone out 152
35 Why am I so resentful? 155
36 My brother … ahhhhhhhh! 157
37 No! You don’t understand 162
38 It never rains … 166
39 … it pours 170
40 Melt(d)ing down 174
41 Relativity 177
42 Essay on autism 179
43 The way we think 184
44 The chains of friendship : an autistic person’s perspective on interpersonal relationships 188
45 Jordan’s gift 193
46 The importance of parents in the success of people with autism 198
47 Culture, conditions, and personhood : a response to the cure debate on autism 203
48 A sound from Kuwait 209
49 Learning from Oliver 213
50 Closet case : finding the way out 217
51 The wizard of Echolalia 221
52 Two autistic children – a world of difference 225
53 Life as a cooking pot 230
54 Moving to the heart of the matter 235
55 Circle of devotion 239
56 Playing with Hudson 243
57 The path of acceptance for families 247
58 The challenges of autism : an introspection 251
59 No looking back 254
60 Spiderman at mini-camp 258

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