Where teaching begins

We each have our own image of children, which in return, plays a vital role in how we relate to children. It influences :

  • the manner in which we talk to a child
  • the manner in which we listen to a child
  • the manner in which we observe a child
  • the environment we construct around us and the children in our care

Environment that grows out of our relationship with each child is unique.

The quality and quantity of relationships among the adults also reflects on our image of the child. As children are more sensitive to relationships around them, they are able to quickly understand if whether the adults in their setting are working together in a truly collaborative relationship. The expectations that the children have of us, and that we have on children are important. We must spend sometime thinking and talking about these expectations.

When we think about a child, we must consider each child’s reality, and not think of them in the abstract. If you were to single out any child you know, you be will able to see that the child is already tightly connected and link to certain realities of the world; relationships and experiences. We cannot, and must not separate the child from the reality. Be constantly mindful that this child brings with her, her experiences, feelings, and relationships.

If you think about it, it is the same for us adults! Wherever we go, we carry with us pieces of our life. Our happiness, our sadness, hopes, pleasures, stresses, and other factors influencing our lives.

Children are unpredictable, and an ideal early childhood professional has to be comfortable with this. Of course, may things can be seen and planned, but we need to be open to embrace what might occur, and be able to alter our plans to flow with what might grow at that very moment both inside the child, and ourselves. We need to have an inquisitive nature, be able to try new things based on ideas that we may collect from children.

As our lives flow with the thoughts of children, we need to be open, we need to change our ideas, and be comfortable with the restless nature of life.

While this makes the world of being a teacher very difficult and complex, and also makes it much more beautiful and fulfilling indeed.

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