Mental Retardation

Using the goal of community integration as a coherent, unifying conceptual focus, this book presents the applied research and information that students can use as they work with the mentally retarded. Additionally, this is a book with “heart,” built on the premise that the coverage is not designed simply to appeal to students’ intellect, but to their emotional and relational experience, as well.

Crane (behavioral sciences, College of Mount St. Joseph) discusses mental retardation with a focus upon community integration. Her three guiding principles are that people with mental retardation are a legitimate part of their communities; effective service delivery<– >whether educational, medical, psychological, or related to supported employment and living<–>depends upon interdisciplinary collaboration; and a clear understanding requires a systems perspective. The 16 chapters cover understanding mental retardation, etiology and prevention, developing skills and abilities, and community life (roles, rights, and responsibilities).

If you would like to purchase this book online at, click on the following link.

Alternatively, if you only require this book for a short period of time (or would like to ‘test-drive’ the book prior to purchase), you may loan it from Little Red Bus at this following link.

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