Multiple Intelligences

Intelligence varies in type. In Howard Gardner’s Frames Of Mind: The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences (book) influenced how schools approach education and programmes for children with high abillity. Gardner expressed that it is inappropriate to think of intelligence as a single entity. He declared a strong believe of “multiple intelligences”, which he explained were generally independent of each other.

  • Linguistic Intelligence
  • Musical Intelligence
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
  • Visual-spatial Intelligence
  • Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence would refer to verbal facility, which is often measured by IQ and achievement tests.

Musical intelligence is the capacity to perceive delicate distinctions and patterns of notes and rhythms, and the talent to perform music.

Logical mathematical intelligence is the ability to understand casuality through inductive or deductive reasoning, and to recognize abstract patterns using symbols such as; numbers.

Visual spatial intelligence is the ability to visualize spatial dimensions, create internal images, and arrange objects efficiently and meaningfully.

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence would be the ability to sense physical awareness and control body movements in athletics, dance, etc…

Interpersonal intelligence is enhanced capacity for person-to-person communications and relationships; ability to sense other people and to guide or lead them.

Intrapersonal intelligence is strong awareness of oneself, and an ability to develop spiritual inner states of self-reflection and awareness.

Not all seven intelligences are usually included in the identification process of giftedness.

Parts of this book are excerpts from A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children . You may view/purchase it from clicking on the link.

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