If you haven’t found a blemish anywhere on your baby’s body, it is probably because you haven’t looked long enough. Virtually every child is born with some type of birthmark, no matter how tiny. Most marks will fade and disappear on their own by the time your child is three years old. However some may remain and expand in size.

Superficial birthmarks are nothing to worry about. They do no harm and need no treatment. Most birthmarks are just abnormal collections of small blood vessels under the skin. They are harmless, and do not cause your baby any pain. Here are some common types:

Salmon patches

Harmless and very common, these reddish marks may be on the eyelids, nose, upper lip,and nape of the neck. No treatment is needed and most fade during infancy.

Strawberry marks

These pink discolouratins of the skin usually fade with time. Very few need treatment with lasers and steroids.

Spider birthmarks (naevi)

These small marks appear shortly after birth as network or a cobweb of dilated vessels. They generally disappear after the first year.

Pigmented naevi

These brownish patches can occur anywhere on the body. They are usually pale and nearly always enlarge as the child grows, but they seldom become darker.

Port wine stains

Found anywhere on the body, these bright red or purple marks are caused by dilated capillaries on the skin. They can be removed with laser treatment, or camouflaged with special make-up.

Mongolian spots

It’s common for dark skinned babies to have harmless  dark bluish-black discolourations of the skin, usually on the back or buttocks; these will fade naturally.

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