3 discipline styles


This parent makes all of the decisions for the child, uses rewards and punishments sees herself as better than the child, uses rewards and punishments,  and runs the home with exacting rules, strict control and little freedom for the child. Children raised with this style are deprived of opportunities to make decisions about life.


This parent places such priority on the child’s desires and needs that he provides the child with easy, pleasing, and non-stressful experiences. By doing things for the child that the child could do herself, a permissive parent unintentionally robs the child of self-respect and self-esteem, and this child almost always invites rebellion.


This parent gives the child choices and formulates guidelines but lets reality be the teacher and then holds the child accountable. The child has some decision-making opportunities that allow for the development of realistic self-esteem and independence. Authoritative parenting styles seem to make the most sense and provide a foundation for healthy self-discipline.

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