Communication Issues for Gifted Children

Right from their early age, gifted children’s behaviours and ways of thinking are different from what is considered typical. Parents with gifted children are often heard describing them as,  “strong willed,” “challenging”, “bossy,” “spacey,” “perfectionist” “judgmental,” or “difficult.”

While gifted children’s advanced levels are their strengths, they are also what make them appear different from others. These traits can seriously interfere with interpersonal communication and friendships. When people begin to view them as “odd”, the negative statements used against them will likely increase as well.

As the parent or educator, you may want to reassure them that feelings do not need to be logical or orderly, they are most often illogical and that is the nature of feelings.

At times, adults are also known to punish a child for the very reason of being gifted. By doing so, we are actually unknowingly telling the child that he might be more acceptable and receive less criticism if he were simply less gifted. Such remarks are not only inaccurate, cruel, and unfair, they also relfect a lack of understanding of the gifted child and hinder communication. We might use such statements out of genuine puzzlement as to why such a bright child cannot remember certain simple tasks or responsibilities, or we could be trying to show the child he is no different from the rest but of course, the child is different.

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