How Intentional Change Happens

In comparison to more traditional intervention and prevention strategies, promotion of healthy development within young children demands alot more. We are passionate and committed of people and places of our community. We work by spreading a shared way of thinking and acting, person-to-person, and community-to-community.

We focus on inviting, encouraging, motivating, inspiring equipping reminding, and celebrating how each person YOUNG and OLD. We want to be rooted in a community which can help give young children the developmental inputs they need to grow up successfully. Little Red Bus does this by:

  • Providing consistent support and care by involvement of parents and caregivers.
  • Developing and maintaining sustained relationships with non-parent/early childhood professionals within our community.
  • Advocating a neighbourhood where adults know, protect, listen to, and engage with young children.
  • Provide opportunities to participate in developmentally responsive and enticing clubs, teams, and organizations led by principled responsible and trained adults.
  • Daily encouragements
  • Inter-generational relationships, in which children bond with teenagers and adults of many ages.
  • A stake in community life made concrete through useful roles and opportunities for involvement.
  • Opportunities for frequent acts of services for others.

Though good families are essential architects for this infrastructure, it cannot be created by families alone. We firmly believe that forming this foundation is the work of all the community’s residents and institutions.

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