What would it take to envelope all children in a supportive, attentive and caring community?

At Little Red Bus we aim to unleash the extra-ordinary power of community where people unite around a widely shared vision of healthy child development. Without diligent pursuit and achievement of this, we will make insufficient progress in growing healthy, vibrant, attached, engaged, and competent citizens. We make an intentional effort to pay attention to the dailyness of healthy development no resident of our community should be on the sidelines. All of us, working as a team.

We appeal to everyone who seeks to bring about positive change for the sake of children in our society. We prompt action in anyone who knows, sees, lives with, lives next to, works with or passes by children.

Children of our society should be embedded in webs of sustained adult relationships, where childhood is celebrated as gifts of energy, passion, and hope. As adults, we should invest in their growth and education as the promise of the future for society.

Pre-schools should be well-funded, appropriately-staffed and attentive to all children irrespective of family income or race. It is not that we are not trying. Dedicated, effective parents, educators youth workers, social workers, and others are pouring their energy, passion, and time into the lives of children and adolescents. The evidence of their investments is the millions of young people who find their way to successful adulthood, guided by caring and responsible adults, peers, and institutions. This however, is not enough.

We need a new lens to see both the challenges and the solutions in a new light. We need to look beyond programmes, beyond problems, beyond the issues and challenges of children. We need a new vision.

We need an intentional social change (read how we plan to make this happen) aimed at building communities of care encouragement compassion, connection, and shared commitment. We need to think boldly and expansively. We need new energy, capacity, and strategies. We need to collaborate within our community to know about what children need to succeed and to work together to bring about the changes in relationships, opportunities, and environments that would transform the cultures in which young children are nurtured.

What would it take to envelope all children in a supportive, attentive and caring community? – Regardless of their backgrounds abilities, race or ethnicity, social status, gender, and other differences.

Instead of naming and fixing problems we focus on building the foundation of strength that young children need to be healthy and wholesome – through positive experiences, relationships, and personal qualities that help children avoid risks and move on a path of success and thriving.

Instead of depending on policy changes or implementations to fix or avoid problems, we emphasize unleashing the energy, capacity, and commitment of communities of people and places in order to care for nurture, and guide children.

Visit us: http://little-red-bus.com


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