Why won’t a gifted child be motivated?

Think about your own motivation lags. There are many factors that influence motivations. When you see a lack of motivation in a gifted child, approach the situation by first considering some of the many factors that influence motivation.

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Relationships
  4. School

Listed below are some of the most frequent reasons for underachievement and lack of motivation in gifted children. Consider these as possible reasons for lack of achievement may help you discover some new ways to approach your child.

  • It is an attempt to fit in with peers; high achievement is not valued by classmates.
  • This assigned tasks just do not seem interesting, relevant, or important to the child’s life.
  • The underachievement is an expression of the child’s desire to show independence.
  • A child can gain power by taking control away from parents or teachers.
  • A child may express anger against parents and teachers by going “on strike”.
  • It is sometimes easier to drop out than to go along with the others’ demands.
  • A child may fear that success will result in pressures; others will expect more.
  • It’s a way to get attention from parents or teachers.
  • It avoids risk-taking; saying “I really didn’t try,” saves face.
  • It is an expression of dependency to get others to give attention and sympathize.
  • There is too much emphasis put on extrinsic incentives for achievement rather than the intrinsic rewards of learning.
  • The child is unable to think about or plan for future goals.
  • The child has poor study habits or has not learned ways to organize materials.
  • The child is distractible and impulsive, which hinders persistent academic work.
  • The child is disheartened because of learning deficit or disability.
  • The child is preoccupied with other concenrs, such as family conflict.
  • The child feels misunderstood or not valued, is discouraged, and has a low self-concept or even depression.

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