Down’s Syndrome

This is by far the most common of a range of conditions called trisomies, in which one pair of chromosomes has an extra chromosome, making three.

In Down’s Syndrome there are three number 21 chromosomes. Affected infants characteristically have a round face, a tongue that tends to protrude and slanting eyes with folds of skin at their inner corners. The back of the head is usually flat. They tend to be rather floppy infants and have short, wide hands with a single transverse crease across the palm.

Other problems may include congenital heart disease.

Down’s Syndrome babies usually have learning difficulties, though many are near ‘normal’. They are usually affectionate and happy children. With early education and careful attention they often do very well, and some manage to live independently as adults.

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  1. 1
    denaijha Says:

    i feel really bad for the people wit down syndrome but i think thier adorable

  2. 2

    Yes, they truly are. I’ve known a few of them personally, and they are very nice people.

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