Sesame Street – Elmo’s World – Happy Holidays (2002)

This culture-friendly DVD shows kids (and muppets!) celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Ramadan, and even mentions Three Kings Day. I like the fact that this DVD doesn’t shy away from the nativity scene and the special birth of a “great teacher to many” like in other overly-PC DVDs. (For example, Blue’s Clues Big Holiday has Wynona Judd merely saying “Christmas is a time we celebrate a very special birth”–as if the “J” word was as bad as the “F” word!)

Yet, it also shows other holiday traditions in a respectful, educational way. A child speaking about celebrating Ramadan says “Ramadan makes me feel happy, to respect my God and my elders”. The Chanukah segment is a cartoon describing the miracle of the Lights–and Baby Bear and family spin the dreidel.

And Elmo doing a Kwanzaa dance? Crazy, bongo-hitting fun!

Kelly Ripa also makes appearances as the friendly mail carrier; she suits the role well.

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