Talking Moses Messenger of Faith

Moses was a great messenger of God. When the Pharaoh of Egypt decided to keep God’s people as slaves, God sent Moses to demand that he free God’s people. The Pharaoh would not listen, so God gave Moses great powers to bring ten horrible plagues on the Egyptians. Afterward, the Pharaoh finally agreed to free God’s people. But their troubles were not over. As they were leaving, the Pharaoh tried to chase them. But God helped them escape by performing one of His greatest miracles ever! (Exodus 5-12).Now children can learn more about Moses’s incredible Tale of Glory while they play. Moses narrates his own biography, and also quotes key memory verses from the Bible, including Exodus 15:2, Exodus 31:18. A unique start/stop function allows children to pause and restart the story at any point. Action figure includes a colorful mini-storybook and requires 3 button-cell batteries, included. Measures 12″ tall.
  • Hear Moses tell his exciting story and recite two Bible verses
  • This action figure comes with a Story of Moses that young readers can follow along while Moses recalls his great adventure
  • Fully poseable 12 inch figure
  • Ages 3 and up

Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

Price: $19.99

Talking Moses Messenger of Faith

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