The Magic School Bus – Holiday Special (1994)

Kids learn about the world around them and how to care for it in this trio of engaging adventures based on Joanna Cole’s bestselling books. In the title story, Miss Frizzle’s class gets a clever tutorial on the wonders of recycling when Wanda makes a regrettable wish to abolish it forever. Faster than you can say “tin can,” the Friz whisks her students into the future to discover the perils of a world without recycling. Dolly Parton lends her voice in a guest appearance while several holiday tunes add seasonal mirth. In the other episodes, Phoebe and friends receive a hands-on lesson about the extreme conditions of the desert and how native plants and animals not only survive, but flourish. Then, it’s on to the rainforest as the students celebrate Earth Day uncovering the interdependent relationships of cocoa trees, midge flies, and mud wallows. An informative Q&A session follows each 30-minute story to reinforce concepts and clarify fact from fiction. The series never wanes in quality and creativity and remains exemplary edutainment for ages 6 and older.

This volume of Magic School Bus contains 3 different stories: Holiday Special, Rainforest, and All Dried Up.

The Holiday Special is all about the importance of recycling. At one point, for example, the kids are shown how much of the Bus is from recycled products; glass and aluminum, etc.

The Rainforest story hinges around cocoa and coca trees– something I think most kids can relate to. The kids and Ms. Frizzle head off to rainforest when they can’t make hot cocoa to find up “what’s up”. A good explanation of the interrelationship of creatures and plants (ecology) follows.

All dried up is about the desert and how although the desert environment is hostile and difficult that there are animals and plants that live there because of their adaptations.

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