Assets of a Child-loving Community

  1. Creative, engaging adult individuals from all walks of life within nuclear and extended families, neighbourhoods, and other social networks; who establish and sustain strength-building relationship with children.
    • We commit to developing and spreading the importance of this positive community development several times a year, in hope that more people will come to understand their personal capacity to promote this.
    • We encourage our contacts to take personal responsibility & action to socialize our community vision.
    • We have developed our community programme; mostly of parents (visit us at in hope to promote adults establishing sustained relationship with children and others within our community.
  2. Equipping children with mobility to use their power to tap the power of peer influence as a positive outcome (in their development).
    • Mobilize young children and teenagers to take action to promote assets for themselves and their peers.
    • Provide opportunities for youth to lead, make decisions, and give input, given useful roles in community life. We need to see them as part of our community-building strategy, rather than just components of our programme.
  3. Enhancing programmes made available and accessible by all children.
  4. All sectors of the community (schools, organizations, businesses, human services, health care, religious places) active and attentive to children’s development.
  5. Influential makers and leaders to leverage media and policies in support of this positive community change.

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