Parents as Asset Builders – “Private” & “Public”

As a parent, you play a vital role in your child’ development. Even if your child pushes you away during adolescence in order to strength his or her identity, you are still important. Building assets (… read more) is a way to think about parenting consistently across the two decades of childhood and adolescence. Many challenges of childhood are the same, and are normal; you are not alone. It can be alot of help to talk with other parents about them. You can find us at our forum: http://engagingminds.ning,com. You don’t have to raise your child alone. Invite other caring and trusted adults to be part of your child’s life.

“Private” parenting actions:

Mold and teach your child basic values such as equality, honesty, and responsibility.

Help your child feel he or she is good at doing something.

Teach your child how to deal with conflict without hurting others or using violence.

Help your child enjoy learning.

See that your child follows your rules and expectations.

Spend time together just playing, hanging out, or talking.

“Public” parenting actions:

Ensure your child participates in recreation, educational, arts, or sports activities.

Encourage your child to help other people, including volunteering in his or her school, congregation, synagogue, mosque, or other religious or spiritual organization.

Get involved in organizations or settings where your child spends time.

Encourage other adults you trust and respect to spend time with your child.

Speak out for the needs of children and youth in your neighbourhood or community.

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