Constructing Early Childhood Science (Paperback)

Product Description
“Constructing Early Childhood Science” focuses on teaching children how to actively engage in the scientific process, rather than learn about it passively. Each chapter begins with at least one hands-on activity, designed to help young science students begin to construct their conceptualizations. The activities include references to nearly 150 different children’s literature titles; a feature designed to assist teachers in developing an interdisciplinary approach to instruction. Recurrent themes in the book include ways of utilizing technology, teaching multicultural populations, interdisciplinary approaches and involving parents and the community in the science program. Thoroughly researched, this manual cites the most contemporary publications on each topic.

About the Author
David Jerner Martin (Ph.D.) is best known as the author of the best-selling text ELEMENTARY SCIENCE METHODS: A CONSTRUCTIVIST APPROACH. Martin is a gifted teacher and an outspoken advocate of constructivist-based teaching. He is Professor of Early Childhood Education at Kennesaw State University.

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Constructing Early Childhood Science

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