Malay for Everyone: Mastering Malay Through English (Pelanduk Pocket) (Paperback)

This book is one of the best available in a concise format for English speakers to learn Malay, the language spoken in Malaysia and Indonesia (with some minor variation).

The organization is very clear and logical, explanations are sharp and crisp, there are plenty of succinct examples, the exercises are practical and accessible, and the vocabulary covered is excellent for everyday life. The organization also allows you to pick and choose what you want to concentrate on, i.e. to devise your own organization to some extent.

If you want to learn the Malay ‘Bahasa Malaysia’ then this book is perfect. It takes you through a number of lessons and by the end you really have a good grasp on this simple language. By taking the courses again and again and thus repeating the book you can develop a stronger handle on Bahasa and you are then ready to start practicing!

Bahasa Malayu (Malay) is very useful when in SE Asia in Malaysia and Singapore. Some Indonesians will be able to understand but you may need to adjust some words and pronunciations – similar to two people one from the UK and the other from the US with a strong American accent.

To purchase this book from, click on the following link below.
Malay for Everyone: Mastering Malay Through English (Pelanduk Pocket)

Alternatively, if you only require this book for a short period of time (or would like to ‘test-drive’ the book prior to purchase), you may loan it from Little Red Bus at this following link.

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