The Everything Homeschooling Book (Paperback)

Book Description
Are you worried about the education that your child is receiving? According to the U.S. Department of Education, almost two million students are being schooled at home—a number that increases about 15 perent a year. If you’re looking to join the ranks, The Everything® Homeschooling Book is the perfect handbook to help you take control of your child’s education, providing clear instructions on where to begin.From researching state and legal curriculum requirements to determining the type of homeschooling that works best for each individual child, The Everything® Homeschooling Book debunks the fears that many parents face when considering this option over public or private schools. Written by Sherri Linsenbach, president and founder of, this thorough book addresses important issues such as socialization and child development—both major concerns if you’re a homeschooling parent.

The Everything® Homeschooling Book provides up-to-date information on:

·State homeschool departments of education
·Religious and secular homeschooling
·The best sources for curriculum guidelines by grade level
·Packaged curriculum programs
·Socialization opportunities for the homeschooler
·Multiple children and homeschooling
·Techniques for designing and documenting lesson plans

If you want to take charge of your child’s education, The Everything® Homeschooling Book is the only reference you need to ensure his or her success—at any school age!

About the Author
Sherri Linsenbach is the owner of AccuWrite Professionals, as well as the founder and president of, a leading online homeschooling magazine. She is also a former teacher, tutor, and homeschool parent. Ms. Linsenbach, who lives in Cape Coral, Florida, is also author of Creative Thinking, 200 Creative Thinking Journal Topics, and The Learn about Series.

This is a great book that really does have everything for everyone! It’s not just for the stay-at-home mom, though there’s plenty of information for her, too. There’s also solid information for single parents, working parents, work-at-home parents, and dads who want to home school. For these families, there’s helpful how-to details and examples of how home school families spend their days.

If time and expenses are a concern, this book shows you how much time is really required for homeschooling kindergartners through high-schoolers. (Much less than you might think!) And it provides details on how to home school for free or for very little. Also, the “socialization issue” is laid to rest, and the benefits of homeschooling are clarified and supported by examples throughout the book.

In addition to information on getting started homeschooling, there’s inspirational and educational ideas for long-time home schoolers or parents fearing burnout. There’s tips on stress-free homeschooling, smooth-running days, tips for getting better organized, and easy methods for keeping portfolios and home school records.

The book also shows you how to determine your children’s best learning styles, design your own curriculum, use unit studies, packaged curriculum, or correspondence schools, or engage in “un-schooling”. It has information and resources on homeschooling multiple children, the only child, special-needs children, and gifted children.

Educational activities and in-depth information is included for homeschooling preschool and kindergarten, the elementary years, middle years, and high school. College and career preparation are also covered. Plus there’s comments from adults who were home schooled and are now in college, or in their chosen careers, or planning to homeschool their own children.

You’ll find many examples of “typical” home school days from families practicing different types of homeschooling, as well as different faiths or secular styles. Some families describe how they started homeschooling, experimented with different styles, then grew and evolved into their current style. This is one of those books that will serve as an excellent reference guide for all your homeschooling years!

Helpful resources and Web sites are peppered throughout the book, as well as research and statistics on homeschooling. The appendices are full of resources for free educational materials, curriculum suppliers and correspondence schools, homeschool organizations, and state departments of education that provide homeschool information and educational alternatives for every state. The comprehensive index is also a plus, quickly directing you to any topic. Whether you’re interested in homeschooling, or are an experienced homeschooler, I think this book is one you’ll want to always keep on-hand!

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The Everything Homeschooling Book

Alternatively, if you only require this book for a short period of time (or would like to ‘test-drive’ the book prior to purchase), you may loan it from Little Red Bus at this following link.

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