1. The Family

Welcome to Little Red Bus’ Blog. You can read a little more about our journey here.

Little Red Bus is the brain child of our Founder, Ann Thomas. With an aim to appeal to the parents, caregivers, teachers, professionals, schools, and institutions which cater to children ranging from birth to 7 years of age, the company’s main purpose is to contribute in enhancing each individual child’s potential.

Our beliefs are centered around four core values.

  1. Child-centeredness
    We respect and value opinions and contributions of children pertaining to their surrounding.
  2. Integrated Environment
    We have tailor-made a coherent environment to maximize potential in children. This is done by inter-relating the child’s potential, ample opportunities, and exploring the environment.
  3. Equity, co-operation, and respect for diversity
    We strongly advocate equity for all. All children deserve equal rights and respect. In years to come, we envision an eclectic society to live in. Such a society would embrace children regardless of gender, race, ethnic groups, handicapped, challenging abilities, size and nationality.
  4. Empowerment and Sustainability
    By empowering the individual, we empower the society. As our children are our future, it is vital to equip them with a good sense of community and citizenship, with a hope that our future politicians would steer our government to embrace equity for all.

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