3. What Do We Do

Play Matters

WHAT : An online early childhood resource library

WHERE : http://little-red-bus.com/library.php

Free until 01.11.08

In our ever-changing cosmopolitan society, people hardly have time, or   resources to get good quality childhood materials. On the other side of the scale, we have families of the lower income group in Singapore, who cannot seem to afford such resources for their children.

Whether or not the resources are there, our company believes ALL children be given equal opportunities. Our services are like-wise. Parents, caregivers, and teachers may need a vast number of resources. Buying them all may not be very practical. Furthermore, as a child grows, some materials phase out, while new ones are needed.

View our loan catalogue of early childhood books in the following three categories:

  1. Resource books
  2. Special needs resource books
  3. Children’s story books

Watch out for new additions of categories, including File Folder games, Flashcards, etc… Help us know what exactly you need, and how can we serve you best by completing our Play Matters survey at : http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=mPx_2bPeBLECxSUz12iKdnOQ_3d_3d

Apply for your membership card now! (free until 01.11.08)

Engaging Minds

WHAT : Parents support group, specially for parents with special needs children.

WHERE : http://engagingminds.ning.com

MEMBERSHIP : Free for all.

Headed by Selina Gomez, our Communications Consultant, Engaging Minds is a social network for parents for special needs children to discuss and share their points, views, and inspirations. We aim to network our company’s beliefs and vision into the community, understanding that in today’s world, very few families are nuclear based. Thus, we provide parents with a pool of friends to be there, advice, resources, a listening ear, and a holding hand.

Our forum also features a live chat board, in where you can communicate instantly with other parents. Visit us, and join our group of parents.


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